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Our Yearly Gathering...


                                      GENERAL INFORMATION for the 2018 REUNION



                                                        Dates: JULY 19, 20, 21 and 22,  2018

                                    Come one, come all to the Annual "All-Class" SAS Alumni Reunion!


                                                     It will be held on the grounds of our Alma Mater.


  •      Anyone who ever attended St. Anthony’s Seminary, for any period of time, is invited to participate.  
  •       Spouses and guests are also welcome, but must be at least 18 years of age. (Insurance purposes.)
  •                                                 See below to register to attend...EASY AS 1, 2, 3...  


1) REGISTRATION:  (Please read thoroughly!)


  • - The cut-off date for registration is July 4, 2018.  We have to be firm with that date in order to get all meals    ordered and everything else squared away in time.
  • - Please see the "Reunion Sign-Up" page on this website, click on the "Registration Form PDF", print it,  and fill  it in completely...
  • - You pay for only the meals that you want to attend.  See below for meal prices. They are very comparable to meals in most Santa Barbara restaurants and they are all-inclusive.  Good company too!
  • (Prepaid "meal tickets" will be given to you at the reunion.)
  • - Also, on the form, please indicate if you plan to attend the Sunday Brunch at the El Paseo Restaurant at  10:30 AM.  This is so we can make a group reservation.
  • - And, to help defray the cost of campus rental, there is a $45 reunion fee. ($15 for guests) (See this on the Registration Form also.)


- Then, total all the figures for you (and your guest).

  • - We ask that everyone who plans to attend, in any capacityto please fill in the "Registration Form", and mail  it in,  even if no meals are needed, or even if you only plan to just "stop by" for a while.
  • - That will give us a full count of attendees, and  give us time to prepare name tags, etc, which must be worn at all times while on the campus.


- Join the festivities for an hour, a day, or all four days; it's up to you!

  •  Thanks!


2) MEALS:  (All meals are served in the refectory; except Sunday Brunch.)


  • - Breakfast - You are on your own for breakfast. (Most motels have a continental breakfast)
  • - Noon - Lunch Buffet: $15 (Includes beverage, entree, sides, and dessert)
  • -6 PM - Dinner Buffet: $20 (Includes beverage,  entree, sides, and dessert.)
  • ..
  • - Sunday Brunch - $35  - This price includes ALL! : MANY brunch entrees, (click on photo below), one non-alcoholic beverage, and all taxes, and tip) at the historic El Paseo Restaurant in downtown Santa Barbara, at 10:30 AM..




  • - The association must pay for all meals and campus rental in advance, so that is why we ask that every  attendee pay in advance, as well.  Thank you.
  • - Please note that we cannot accept any reunion fees or meal monies "at the door."  Sorry!
  • - Please mail (or scan and e-mail) your completed Registration Form  by July 4, 2018, along with your check  or money order.
  • - You can also pay via "PayPal"  on the "Reunion Sign-Up" page here on this website.
  • - And, also, please see the "Reunion Sign-Up" page for the mailing address.
  • -Thank You



There are many good motels in the Santa Barbara area, but they fill up fast. 

Make your reservation early.

CHECK OUT  WWW.TRIVAGO.COM  or call motels direct.


Here are direct numbers for some State Street motels: (All are "805" area code)

Sandpiper Lodge - 687-5326 /  Lemon Tree Lodge - 687-6444  /

Holiday Lodge - 687-6800 /  Motel 6 - 687-5400 / Oasis Inn - 687-6611 /

Quality Inn - 687-6636 /  La Quinta - 966-0807 / Orange Tree - 569-1521 /

Agave Inn - 687-6009 / Pepper Tree Inn - 687-5511








This a "casual" event. Please Enjoy! Shorts and sandals are fine.



It is best to enter the access drive via the "Garden and Pueblo Streets" entrance.  Then, turn left at the school's "front drive" and park by the flagpole or further down where the handball courts used to be. (You can also park there for Saturday Mass for easy access to the chapel.)



...begins at 4 PM Thursday. Please come to the SAS refectory to check in, receive name tags,/meal tickets, and other information. Then there will be time to "meet and greet" with old friends and former classmates.  Also, if needed, there is now an elevator to the refectory thanks to the ADA !  (Friday arrivals may, of course, check in on Friday.)



- Lunch: 12 Noon - in refectory

- Dinner: 6 PM - in refectory 

-PRE-PAID MEAL TICKET REQUIRED for all meals at the school.  (We cannot take any payments "at the door.")



-Sorry, no pets allowed on the school grounds.



-Sorry, no alcohol allowed on the school grounds, but we will have some spirits available as free refreshments, per agreements with the owners. Thanks for your cooperation.



-Sorry, no one may stay overnight on the school grounds.



-See the "Reunion Schedule" page on this website.  Thank You!



-Contact  Rick Lang at 805-886-4146