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SAS Alumni Links


 The following are some links to websites that may be of interest to SAS alumni. 
 Several are run by SAS alumni! 

If you know of a website that may be of interest, please let us know.  or "Contact Us." Thanks

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 Photo Tour of St. Anthony’s Seminary

These photographs of St. Anthony’s Seminary were taken in 2002, by Doc Searls, a member of the St. Anthony Community Association.




                                                                                California Missions

                         Here is a simple, yet informative, site about all 21 original California missions.




                                                                      Tony Rodio, Class of 1957,

            has written two books,  Zana: Wild Woman of the Caucasus, which is loosely based on history; and                Human Existence and the Purpose of Living.  You can check them both out at this web address:




                                                                        Garden Street Acadamy

Visit the website of the new school that is now in session at 2300 Garden Street.

Full-time education is again taking place at our alma mater. 



Poor Clare Monastery, Santa Barbara

The Monastery of the Poor Clare Sisters in Santa Barbara now has a website.  Many alumni, when students at SAS, served at Mass for these sisters.

Get to know them and their mission all over again!



Petrini's Italian Restaurants

Originally owned by SAS alumni of the Petrini family, these restaurants are now owned and operated by the Bohnett family which also has several SAS alumni.  Good food, good prices.



Flash Award Ribbons

Flash Award Ribbons is owned by SAS Alumnus Stan Caspary ('54). Stan has provided commemorative ribbons for all of the SAS reunions.



Fr. Richard (Walter) Hodge, O.F.M. Memorial

Fr. Richard Hodge was a Franciscan friar and SAS Alumnus (Class of 1920) who served in WWII as a Navy chaplain aboard the heavy cruiser USS Salt Lake City. He attained the rank of Lt. Commander. This website honors his war service.



The St. Anthony Community Association

The St. Anthony Community Association, also known as the SAS Greater Community, was a part of SAS life from the mid '70s until the seminary closed in 1987.



Franciscan Pastoral Outreach

Counselor for the Province

Angelica Jochim, MFT;  P O Box 1137
Sebastpol, CA  95473


  Franciscan Friars of the Province of St. Barbara

Visit the website of the Franciscans of the Province of Santa Barbara.



Saint Anthony Foundation

On October 4, 1950, Franciscan Friar and SAS Alumnus Alfred Boeddeker (Class of 1920) first opened the doors of St. Anthony Dining Room and 400 free meals were served to San Francisco’s poor and homeless. From this first act of kindness St. Anthony Foundation was born. In the '70s and '80s Fr Floyd Lotito OFM, a SAS alumnus, as well as a friar who taught at SAS, was the driving force.  He passed away in July of 2009. Nowadays, yet another SAS alumnus is the director there! 



Saint Francis Retreat Center

St. Francis Retreat Center in San Juan Bautista, California, is multi-use retreat facility that offers a place of spiritual growth, healing and renewal, both personal and communal. 


The Franciscan Renewal Center

The Franciscan Renewal Center (Casa de Paz y Bien) in Scottsdale, Arizona, is a spiritual oasis which encompasses counseling, various support groups, workshops, retreats for spiritual growth and personal development.



San Damiano Retreat

San Damiano Retreat in Danville, California, offers guests of all faiths and backgrounds a serene environment of great natural beauty for those who seek clarity and renewal without distraction.


Serra Retreat Center

Serra Retreat Center in the beautiful Malibu Hills of southern California, welcomes groups and individuals to experience their refuge of peacefulness in the heart of Los Angeles County.   SAS alumnus and former SAS teacher, Fr Warren Rouse OFM, publishes WestFriars newsletter from Serra Retreat. You can also contact him there for a free subscription:


Mission San Luis Rey Retreat Center

Mission San Luis Rey Retreat Center in Oceanside, California, is located in the North San Diego County Valley, and offers evening, day and weekend retreats.  



Old Mission Santa Barbara

 The natural beauty and spacious gardens of the historic buildings of Old Mission Santa Barbara, "Queen of the Missions," make this a wonderfully peaceful place to visit. A self-guided tour of the mission is available for a nominal fee.


Make A Difference Foundation
Gene Fazio, Class of 1964, is the director of this non-profit organization.
It is a literacy program for helping students tutor other students,
so it is a 'win-win' for all involved.
Check out the website at: